GIE, Ltd. was established as a sales agency in January 1978. In 2004, we expanded the GIE team and area serviced when Richard Langenfeld Sales, Inc. merged with us to become a much larger force in the Midwest market place. We have and will continue to dedicate ourselves to the sales and service of specialty and technologically advanced building products to the building material and home improvement markets.

As a sales and marketing agency, we specialize in exterior building products for both residential and commercial arenas. Our strengths are relationships, product knowledge, and sales professionalism. GIE's core business partners include one-step exterior cladding and roofing distributors, two-step wholesale distributors and retail corporate co-op entities.

We currently have seven sales professionals in the field along with an office staff selling and servicing the Midwest outlined on enclosed map. We have represented several Fortune 500 companies for a total of 50+ years. We are an aggressive and well-established agency and would be more than willing to provide both manufacturer and customer references upon request.